Civil Litigation
Debt Collections, Contractual Disputes

Contractual disputes can arise when the parties involved do not stand by their contractual agreements.  Debt collection can arise when individuals or businesses failed to pay (default). Unfortunately, contractual disputes and debt collections are fairly common.


If you are a party getting sued, HTW Law will fight for your best interest to defend you. If you are the party suing, HTW Law will make sure you get the most beneficial outcome.


HTW Law will first negotiate on your behalf for a settlement that is most beneficial to you. But sometimes, action speaks louder than words. In those situation, HTW law will take the case to court and fight for your best interest.

HTW Law can help. Call us now at 647-849-6582 or send us a message if you have some legal questions / inquiries or want to schedule an appointment with HTW Law.

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