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Employment Lawyer - HTW Law. ​Employment Law Services: Employment Law, Employment Law Consultation, Wrongful Dismissal, Severance Pay, Harassment & Discrimination, Constructive Dismissal, Federally Regulated Employee, Employment Contract, Employment Law Defamation, Employment Law Class Action. Serving: Toronto GTA, Markham, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Vaughan, other areas in Southern Ontario.

An employment lawyer strives to ensure that employees entitlements under different employment law statutes, legislation, and legal jurisprudence are protected; and to ensure that all employers are in compliance to different employment laws. Life is not perfect, and bad things happen to good people in employment law context. An employee could be wrongfully dismissed by employer without just compensation; be unjustly dismissed; be harassed by a colleague or a manager or being discriminated against in the workplace; be constructively dismissed, be laid off, let go, be terminated without proper severance pay; be defamed or badmouthed by an employer and denied a letter of reference after termination.

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It’s all about the clients. The success of of our clients in their employment law cases, is the success of HTW Law - Employment Lawyer. HTW Law - Employment Lawyer works relentlessly in delivering professional, responsive, speedy, quality employment law services with great value and focus on customer satisfaction.

It’s a partnership: You come with an employment law legal problem, HTW Law - Employment Lawyer chooses the best employment law legal solution for you from a wide array of legal options in employment law context. HTW Law - Employment Lawyer will stop at nothing until every possible employment law legal revenue is exhausted, so that you can leave with a good smile on your face, with money in your pocket at the end of the day.

It’s simple. Good legal services, happy clients.

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