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Privacy Policy & Disclaimer


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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important to us. The trust placed in us by our customers is absolutely essential to our success. We understand that and do all we can to earn and protect that trust. We do not share your personal information with any outside companies nor collect any information.

Terms and Conditions Regarding Consultation:


1. There's a consultation fee of $200 to $400 + HST depending on the nature of the inquiry, the complexity of the issue(s), and the volume of documents that we need to review pertaining to the inquiry. You will be informed with a follow-up email as to exactly how much the consultation fee will be after your initial contact.


2. Free Consultation is offered in the form of a "store credit" if the consultation leads to the signing of a retainer agreement or that it leads to you retaining us to providing legal services (e.g. a contract / settlement offer / job offer view, second opinion on a legal matter). A retainer agreement is a work-for-hire contract, whereas we agree to provide legal services pertaining to your employment law problems.

3. The "store credit" will be credited towards the retainer fee (the amount paid to the lawyer to be kept as the down payment for the legal services to be provided) if the retainer agreement is on an hourly rate, or that it be credited towards the legal services to be provided. In cases where the legal service is on a contingency fee, the "store credit" will be applied towards the final bill (i.e. after your case has been concluded, either in the way of a settlement, a judgment award from the Court, or that we decide to terminate the legal representation). 


4. If your case, as stipulated in the retainer agreement, is on a no-win-no-fee arrangement, and the case is lost, or that we decide to terminate the legal representation for reasons stipulated in the retainer agreement, there will be NO final bill, and as such the "store credit" will be forfeited (i.e. the consultation fee will not be returned), unless the parties agreed otherwise in writing. 

5. The HST portion of the consultation fee is non refundable and will not be deemed to be "store credit".

6. HTW Law reserves the right to change the terms and conditions regarding consultation at any time without further notice.


Example 1: You need a contract / settlement offer / job offer view, second opinion on a legal matter, you will be quoted with a flat fee, and if you need to pay for an initial consultation before getting a quote for the legal service, such fee will be applied towards the legal service as a "store credit". E.g. $200 quick assessment was charged, the flat fee for an employment contract review is $500 + HST. The HST of the quick assessment is $26. After applying the "store credit", you pay $300 extra + HST. But in most cases we will be able to give you a quote before needing any initial consultation for simple legal services, unless additional steps are needed before we can figure out what service(s) you needed in a more complex situation.

Example 2: Your case is a complex employment law cases involving family law or health care law elements in it, or that many parties are involved and legal liability is unclear, we decide that the case will be on a hourly rate, and that the initial retainer (down payment) is $5,000. The consultation fee will be applied towards the retainer as a "store credit". E.g. a $300 consultation fee was charged, the HST is $39, after applying the "store credit", you pay $4,700 as the retainer.

Example 3: Your case is on a contingency fee agreement. A $200 consultation fee is charged. The HST is $26. In the end the case is settled at $15,000. The contingency fee is 30% (i.e. $4,500), the out-of-pocket expenses is $1,000, the final bill is $5,500. After applying the "store credit", the amount we deduct from the settlement is $5,300.

Important Notice Regarding Contingency Fee

Please note that Contingency Fee is NOT applicable to all type of cases and legal services. For instance the Contingency Fee arrangement would NOT be applicable to opinion based legal services such as a legal opinion or a legal consultation regarding a particular legal matter. Contingency fee is also NOT applicable to legal drafting services, such as the drafting of a demand letter or a lawyer letter, the drafting of an employment contract. Contingency fee is also NOT applicable to a complex litigation matter. Above are just examples and are by no means an exclusive list.

Each client and each case is unique, and as such the contingency fee we charge varies from 20% to 40%, and the maximum contingency fee we will charge is 40%, with the majority of cases in the 25% to 30% range. The exact contingency fee for each case is determined by (a) an estimate of the time required of the lawyer on the file; (b) the legal complexity of the matter at issue; (c) the strength of the case; (d) the risk assumed by the lawyer, including the risk of non-payment where there is a real risk of an adverse finding on liability in the client’s case; (e) the estimated amount that the client is likely to receive after the conclusion of the case in the form of a settlement or a monetary award received after the outcome determination of the case.

For instance the contingency fee percentage we charge in a class action case involving many class members is a lot less than an case involving only one employee being terminated who have worked less than 1 year in a company. Similarly, the contingency fee percentage we charge is on the lower end of the spectrum in a high profile employment termination case involving a key management level employee who have been working for the company for over 20 years. For the same taken, as you can image, the contingency fee we charge for an employment law case with an estimated recovery of $5,000 CAD is going to be different than one that involves the termination of key employee with unpaid wages, bonus, and incentive valued over half a million dollars.

Please note that disbursement is on top of the contingency fee. Disbursement are out-of-pocket expenses that our firm has to pre-paid up front to an arm’s length service provide, such as parking ticket, court fee, filing fee, etc….

While we generally do not charge our client for disbursement for a contingency fee case unless a case is won, we Do not pay for expert reports such as damage report produced by accountants, medical reports produced by medical professionals, and any other types of expert reports and business reports. But these are optional reports, while we recommend clients to obtain them to advance their cases, they are optional and not compulsory.