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HTW Law Covid Related FAQs

During the COVID-19 pandemic, INFECTIOUS DISEASE EMERGENCY LEAVE (IDEL), O. Reg. 228/20 was introduced. It's a confusing time during the pandemic and everyone could use a little help. Covid-19 has reshaped the landscape of employment law. There are many legislative changes regarding employment laws during this unprecedented time.

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HTW Law Defamation FAQs

Defamation refers to harming reputation of another by making a false written or oral statement about that person to a third party in public. Defamation focus on repaying those harmed by false statement. Defamation FAQs:


HTW Law Class Action FAQs

A Class Action in employment law context is a civil action brought by one or more representative plaintiff on behalf of a larger group of victims (“class members”) for matters involving common defendant(s) involving the same transaction or related transactions. Class Action FAQs: