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Employment Law Constructive Dismissal happens when an employer, by words or conduct, unilaterally makes a fundamental change to a material term or condition of an employment contract. Constructive Dismissal is technical. Constructive dismissal happens, act immediately!! No Win No Fee for constructive dismissal cases.

Constructive dismissal is an important component of employment law. Constructive dismissal is tricky and highly technical though. In employment law context, Constructive dismissal is defined as a contractual breach where an employer makes a fundamental change to an employment contract unilaterally without obtaining the consent of the employee.

Constructive dismissal may occur through substantial, unilateral changes to essential employment terms such as compensation (salary, benefits, or bonus), job responsibilities, reporting functions within the company hierarchy, working conditions, hours of work, the term of employment, or the employee’s location of work.

A constructive dismissal, in employment law context, might occur even if there’s no breach of a specific employment term in the employment contract; rather, constructive dismissal occurs where the employer’s overall conduct indicates it no longer intends to be bound by the employment contract, for example, by a series of actions that cumulatively makes the employee’s position intolerable.

A case of constructive dismissal, in employment law context, has been found under the following circumstances:

  1. Temporarily laying off an employee where there is no right to do so in the employment contract.

  2. Substantially altering an employee’s established job duties (not allowed in employment law!!).

  3. Substantially decreasing an employee’s salary, even if on a temporary basis, without employee's consent (prohibited by employment law!!).

Usually time is of the essence in an employment law constructive dismissal case. If the employee fails to act within a reasonable amount of time and treat the contract as terminated, the claim for constructive dismissal will be extinguished. An experienced employment lawyer will likely prove a make-it-or-break-it move in many employment law instances.

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