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Advertising & Marketing Opportunities

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It's an employment law website with content specific to Ontario, Canada. The topical relevance will suffer if there are too many outbound links on irrelevant topics or content. So we have a very limited amount of ad spaces on each page.


Having said that due to public demands, we are implementing three types of advertising. 1) Advertising Blocks; 2) Permalinks; and 3) Reciprocal Links.

1. Advertising Blocks

Pricing of advertising blocks (price subject to change, but will not be applied retroactively, so the price will remain the same until the end of the billing period you paid for). You can expect the price to increase and the billing cycle to decrease as the ads spacing becomes more competitive:

One billing cycle is one month at the moment.

300 x 300 pixels square = $50 USD per page per billing cycle

600 x 300 pixels horizontal or 300 x 600 vertical = $100 USD per page per billing cycle

Please note that the mobile version will be reformatted to fit the small ad space.


When people click on your ads, it will take them to the webpage url that you provide us with.

For blog posts, only square or horizontal formats are available.

All advertising are subject to approval. We reserve the rights to refuse to accept any ads that's inconsistent with our website in terms of content or design.


We choose which page to post (could be on a blog post or any static page). If you want to specify which page to post, we have to review, and if approved, $50 USD additional fee per page per billing cycle.

All fees are pre-paid before the billing cycle starts, and all purchases are final.

We will try our best NOT to have ads of the same nature on any particular page.

If you want your ads to be the ONLY ads on a particular page, other than our own or posted by google AdSense, $50 USD extra per page per billing cycle.

If you post on more than 20 pages, you get 10% off.

advertising block

square ads

300 pixels

300 pixels

The Advertising Blocks are actual sizes. You will need to provide us with the relevant ads of the right sizes for us to post.

vertical ads

600 pixels

300 pixels

horizontal ads

600 pixels

300 pixels

Click here to contact us for further discussion if you agree with our advertising and marketing pricing and terms and conditions for advertising blocks.

2. Permalinks

We regularly write blog posts relevant to Ontario employment law, and we will add some outbound authoritative links to different sites as we are writing blog posts in EAT format. We have to analyze case by case to see whether your link is suitable to plug into our articles. So it’s hard to say.


But it has to provide value to the articles we are writing. But if we do approve a particular link, it’s a permanent link, unless it's broken, then we will remove it. We will give you a warning to fix it then we will remove it if the broken link is not fixed in a few days.


If your page is compatible to a particular article that we are writing, we may accept your url as a permalink; and if so, we will then determine the price accordingly.


We don't usually allow guest posting submission at the moment as it's an employment law website with content specific to Ontario, Canada unless of course if it’s a guest post that adds values to our site and relevant to our audience who are employers or employees in Ontario who are interested to learn more on employment law related topics.

The bottom line is that if it's an url that will decrease the topical relevancy of our page(s) that it links to, will increase the spam score, the request will probably NOT be approved.

Click here to contact us and send a request and provide us with a brief description of the page(s) that you want to us to plug into our articles, and why it will add value to our site and why it's relevant to our audience and we will consider.


3. Reciprocal Links

We have to analyze case by case to see whether it makes sense to us. To start, it has to be from a site on a page with comparative traffic, authority, page rank and Moz score. Obviously, if it’s a much smaller site on a page with little traffic it won't make sense for us to do a reciprocal link. We will do a reciprocal link for free if it’s on a page with good traffic and it make sense to us, on condition that you post a reciprocal link on your page as well.

Click here to contact us and send a request and provide us with the DA, DR and Moz score, and page rank score (if available), and a brief description of what the page is about, and we will consider. Obviously the higher the score on the different metrics, the higher the chance the reciprocal link request will be approved.

Reciprocal Links
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