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Commercial / Residential Purchases & Sales

HTW Law offers a wide range of services related to Commercial / Residential Purchases & Sales. Each client is important to HTW Law, and each client’s file is being treated with the same meticulous attention to detail.

In Real Estate law, precision and efficiency are key. HTW Law works diligently and effectively to facilitate the entire process in a transition to make sure everything is exactly at where they should be in a timely fashion.

HTW Law prepare and review purchase and sale agreements, perform title searches, review mortgage / charge documents, register deeds, charges and other instruments and, if needed, attend the closing on your behalf.

And if you want to buy or sell a small business, HTW Law is there to assist you in making well-informed business decisions, and walk through the whole process with you to ensure that you can complete the transaction successfully, and have your financial interests protected.

Regardless of representing a buyer or a seller, HTW Law ensures that each client receives and retains the full benefit of the transaction, and Undertakings & Holdbacks are followed through on. If you are a buyer, HTW Law ensures that, unless otherwise agreed, you receive a business in the condition exactly as represented by the seller. If you are a seller, HTW Law negotiate qualifications to representations and warranties, to ensure that appropriate price ceilings are in place, and that you are selling on the most favourable terms.

HTW Law can help. Call us now at 647-849-6582 or send us a message if you have some legal questions / inquiries or want to schedule an appointment with HTW Law.


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